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Custodial College

Housekeeping's performance can impact the quality of work in any environment. It also determines the employees', customers', and communities' impression of your business.

We surveyed dozens of housekeeping managers and business owners, over the past 6 months. Overwhelmingly, the majority stated that the time allotted for training a new employee or re-training a current employee was almost non-existent. In addition, the turnover rate in our industry added an additional burden to an already complex concern.

That's not all!

Over 68% of the facilities surveyed felt they were not in compliance with OSHA's Right to Know and over 50% had never heard of Bloodborne Pathogens.

More Information

Custodial College 2019 Dates:

January 23-24 (Wednesday - Thursday)   April  17-18 (Wednesday - Thursday)   

July  18-19 (Thursday - Friday)   October 23-24 (Wednesday - Thursday)

You Asked For:

  1. A program where you could send your employees when you needed to.
    DAWNCHEM’S program is held bimonthly (every other month). Two days, with different segments each day.
  2. A program that helps explain the regulatory requirements in our industry.
    Right-to-Know and Blood borne Pathogens are held the first day of every training session.
  3. A program that’s not going to break my budget.
    Typically, your cost per day will be under $90.00.
  4. A program that will help me motivate my employees.
    You have already taken the first step. Just by sending them to improve their skills shows them that you care.
  5. A program that is flexible.
    You can send your employees to part of the program or the entire program. If you need special training let us know in advance.

Major Benefits

  • Increase Worker Competency
  • Increase Worker Safety
  • Reduce Liability Costs
  • Deliver the Lowest Total Cost Program
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Service Efficiency
  • Increase Account Appearance
  • Improve Products Performance

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